Our vision

Mango Home Riverside was created away from mass tourism to give our valued guests a truer overall experience. Most lodges, hotels and guest houses in the Mekong Delta simply set up next to existing entities, in the hopes of achieving volume quickly. This shortcut, while less of a risk for the new starting business, is lazy, irresponsible tourism. Mango Home Riverside is alone in the area it calls home and it’s our vision to support the local area and the great local people we call our neighbors.

Since officially opening in October of 2011, Mango Home has increased basic infrastructure in the local village. Running Water, Sewer and Electricity is now shared amongst our neighbors, something that would have been too great an expense prior to our opening.

However, our greatest achievement is the 35 local men and women we employ, they are our strength and bring tremendous passion and commitment to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our guests. We hope to have the opportunity to showcase our beautiful area and great people to you in the future.
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